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    WIRE Consulting is the only Italian company that specialises exclusively

    in consulting services for people seeking to purchase property abroad

    or, more generally, to invest in international real estate





      WIRE Consulting is an independent,

      international, real estate consulting company


      WIRE Consulting provides

      highly specialist services

      to individuals, families

      and companies seeking to

      invest abroad. Our services

      cover all types of investment,

      from the purchase of a holiday

      home to income-generating

      investments, and from portfolio

      diversification to real estate



      WIRE Consulting is a

      consulting company. Our

      mission is not to sell real estate

      properties, but to develop

      a relation with the client

      based o trust. The aim is

      to help the client find

      the best investment opportunities

      and manage the whole

      investment process.


      WIRE Consulting places

      a network of expert consultants

      at your disposal. Our consultants

      have consolidated experience

      in the dynamics of specific

      markets and can help you

      plan and manage investments

      in key markets around the world.









    Why Wire Consulting ?


    Real estate is universally recognised

    as the investment sector best able

    to maximise the value of your capital

    over the long term, and to guarantee

    stability and reliability.


    WIRE Consulting is the perfect partner

    for identifying excellent international

    investment opportunities, simply

    and securely.




      Focusing on the client

      The top priority of all our consultants is to identify the best possible investment

      solution for every client, on the basis of a personal profile sheet

      that defines needs and expectations.




      The ultimate in security and reliability

      Thanks to our consultants’ in-depth understanding of the market and their consolidated

      relations with property sector operators in different countries, you can have complete confidence

      in the quality of your investments and in your compliance with all applicable legislation.




      Complete service

      WIRE Consulting manages all the planning and operational phases of your investment

      on your behalf. We assist you in choosing a property, provide a due diligence service, help with access

      to credit if needed, follow the bureaucratic procedures involved with the purchase, and even manage

      the property after you purchase it.




      A “private banker” in real estate

      WIRE Consulting’s organisation is based on personal relationships between our consultants and our clients. Our aim is to act as a sole trusted interlocutor with a high level of professionalism and the ability

      to interpret your aspirations and to advise you over the years.










    SpecialisationWIRE Consulting places at your disposal a network of consultants with consolidated, long-term experience in international real estate, organised into teams specialising in the property markets of specific countries.

    Constant synergy between our consulting teams allows us to develop high added value projects for clients seeking to spread their investments over different areas

    of the world.

    International presence

    In addition to our Italian consulting organisation, WIRE Consulting also boasts

    an international network of collaborators in key locations of strategic markets.

    This network is organised to guarantee maximum reliability and efficiency from

    our administrative, legal and fiscal assistance services.



    Specialist consultants



    International consultants











    Starting from a global and tailored approach to consulting, which is granted by your reference

    expert inside the company, WIRE Consulting develops specific technical expertise as far as the planning

    and the management of your investments is concerned.


    WIRE Consulting has an organisational model which provides the consultant “of trust”, and therefore the client,

    with the most innovative specialist tools able to support in the planning phases, as well as after the investment,

    in order to manage and develop it at best.






    • Target




      WIRE Consulting can assist you purchase a second home abroad for holidays or work. We help you complete this important move simply and safely.


      Maximise the value of your own and your family’s assets.


      WIRE Consulting helps you build

      a diversified portfolio of property assets for direct use (operating assets) or as corporate investments.


      WIRE Consulting helps banks, fund managers and financial advisers, seeking to invest in large property assets, offer their own clients high added value opportunities.


      WIRE Consulting also assists developers seeking involvement in international real estate development projects.


    • Investment type








    • Development of personal client profiles
      by an expert consultant
    • Definition of geographic areas and property types on the basis of identified needs (purchase for personal use, trading, asset diversification, buy to rent, property development)
    • Diffusion of the client profile
      to consultants on foreign markets
      to allow targeted searches for investment opportunities

    Market analysis and opportunity searches


    • In-depth analysis and monitoring of the fundamental parameters specific to the selected markets to maximise the quality and security of investments according
      to national market characteristics
    • Identification and presentation of a choice of investment opportunities satisfying the needs listed in the client profile
    • A “dynamic approach to investment”,
      in view of possible future developments
      in the project and in the markets




    • Management of the logistics involved
      in moving to the new location
    • Inspection of the property with the help
      of a local consultant with expertise in the market who
      will provide you with assistance in your language




    Management of all phases of the project, with the help of a local consultant who will provide you with assistance in your language:


    • negotiations
    • consulting and management of all financial, legal and fiscal matters (according to the laws of the client’s country and those of the countries of investment, and all relevant international agreements) and the provision of all necessary documentation at the pre-contract and contract registration stages
    • purchase of the property and/or finalisation of investment methods
    • search for available finance, including finance from local banks and mortgage brokers




    Management of the property after purchase:


    • administration and service contracts
    • scheduled maintenance and repairs
    • management and collection of rent
      from buy-to-rent properties




    Your personal consultant at WIRE Consulting stays in touch even after the purchase has been concluded in order to:


    • monitor and consolidate your investment
    • develop new projects
    • sell or remodel your investment if you wish









    In addition to providing personally tailored consulting,

    WIRE Consulting also maintains an extensive catalogue of opportunities

    for investment through its Brokerage Area, which includes foreign agencies and

    a network of Italian agencies authorised to display the “Member of WIRE” logo.

    All “Member of WIRE” agencies are rigorously selected for their reputation
    and professionalism and fully trained in international real estate.









    WIRE Consulting

    Head Office:

    Via Pescheria Vecchia no.1

    30174 Venice

    Telephone: +

    Fax: +39.041.300.11.82

    E-mail: info@wireconsulting.it