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February, 1st 2013: the birth of WIRE Consulting

01 February 2013

WIRE Consulting represents the evolution of the only Italian real estate consulting company, Properties, which was founded 10 years ago by Mr Angelo Cinel and has followed more than 1,300 Italian investors in their real estate investment projects out of the national territory. 

WIRE Consulting is a brand identifying new shareholders thanks to the entrance of foreign associates, but most of all, WIRE identifies a great step towards new know-how and new markets we will be able to offer to our clients.

Mr Angelo Cinel, formed foreign director of Professionecasa Prestige International, has also developped a parallel project, MEMBER of WIRE, which will enable lots of Italian real estate agencies to improve the quality of the service provided by opening new interesting investment opportunities, i.e. the purchase of real estate properties located abroad. 

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